About Us

Established in 2010 in Singapore; Fun, Food, Fusion, Friends, Family, define our DNA.
Our Group annual turnover > $3.5M


Our aim is to provide happiness and joy through a phenomenal experience combining food, music and entertainment.

We rely on our motto Smiles Per Customer (SPC) to measure our success.

We promise to use only the finest ingredients in our recipes. No food leaves our kitchen that we ourselves would not eat.

We provide all who work with us, a friendly, cooperative and rewarding environment which encourages long term, satisfying, growth employment and most importantly lots of fun!


We are a profitable & desirable, food, beverage & entertainment conglomerate with multiple outlets in Asia.

We create and maintain an outlet that is comprehensive and exceptional in its attention to every detail of operation and keep our concept fresh, exciting and on the cutting edge of the hospitality and
entertainment industry